What to do and environment
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What to do and environment


Roses has a beach for every person. There are relatives with fine sand, also small and well hidden. There are lively ones: they have restaurants, bars and a wide range of water sports and, on the other hand, there are those that have nothing at all (only the beauty of the Natural Park). Come to Roses and we will advise you on your beach.

Coastal Path

Taking a walk along the Roses coastal path is one of the most recommended activities that can be done on the Costa Brava. You will contemplate the most beautiful coves between the pines and the cliffs, We encourage you to walk along the coast of our town and discover unique spaces.

Megalithic Route

The Megalithic Route of Roses takes visitors to discover a journey that will transport them to bygone eras, contemplating numerous dolmens and menhirs. The path allows us to be in contact with nature as it passes between olive trees and vineyards. The duration of this tour is about two and a half hours.

The Citadel of Roses

A visit to the historical-artistic complex of the Ciutadella is essential for all those who visit Roses. The Citadel is an enclosure of 139,000 square meters founded in the fourth century BC where you can find remains of different periods and civilizations. The Ciutadella Museum takes you on a journey through the history of Roses from Prehistory to the twentieth century.

Trinitat Castle

The Trinidad Castle dates from 1544. It is a Cultural Asset of National Interest and is located at Punta de la Poncella, approximately 60 metres above sea level. It was intended to control and defend the port of Roses. It offers magnificent views of the Bay of Roses